Bad Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involve a number of heavier vehicles than some kinds of accidents. Tractor-trailers weigh between 12,100 and 80,000 pounds, which are around twenty-five times more than the usual car. When they’re being driven sixty-five miles per hour on freeway, they’re difficult to stop and much dangerous to small passenger cars. In addition to that, because of their mass and size, they’re tougher to maneuver, particularly when the road or weather conditions are poor.

Bad Truck Accidents

As a result of their weight and size, the truck accidents result in devastating injuries to people riding in passenger cars and motorcycles and if you are injured during driving than car accident attorney denver co will help you. Such injuries may include paralysis, traumatic brain injury, amputation, disfigurement, and so on. There are cases that such accidents result in different wrongful deaths.

According to FMCSA, big trucks are only responsible for three percent of motor vehicle accidents. But, such accidents cause more harm than the typical car accidents do. Thus, federal laws establish detailed and strict standards, which trucking companies as well as their drivers should meet.

Federal regulations govern some things including how many hours the truck driver is permitted to drive before she or he take a break, how heavy the load of the truck may be, and the types of information a trucking company should determine regarding a prospective employee. Every state has also trucking regulations to protect the public.

Kinds of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen in some distinct types or ways. The types of truck accident frequently influence the type as well as severity of the injuries. Particular kinds of truck accidents tend to be associated with particular driver behaviors and road conditions. Such factors play a role in determining legal liabilities for the injuries.

Some of the types of truck accidents are:

  • Single vehicle accident typically results from road hazards, defects or driver error in the vehicle.
  • Head on collisions; trucks collide with another vehicle from the opposite direction. Massive forces are produced in these collisions and deaths are common as well as severe injuries among the occupants of both automobiles. A lot of head-ons happen because drivers fell sleepy while driving.
  • Rear end collisions are another type of truck accidents that involve trucks crashing into another vehicle travelling in the similar direction. Injuries tend to be much severe for the occupants of the front vehicle, most particularly if the truck is fully loaded. These could also be caused by truck drivers through impairment, inattention, and negligence or by the action of the driver of the front vehicle.

Driver behaviors such as tailgating, speeding, ignoring the road signs, and much more can cause accidents. Inexperienced handling of vehicles may also play an important role. But, depending on the type of truck accident, it is important to let experts do their job to determine the real cause of the accident. The reason behind it is that the cause of the truck accidents can make a difference. If you have experienced a truck accident and need legal help, ask for assistance from the legal experts.

Scariest Murder Cases

Scariest Murder Cases

If you love creepy and thrilling stories, be ready with these scariest murder cases:

  • Good Hard Murder

In year 1968, the Northern part of Michigan was devastated after Robinsons family was murdered brutally while enjoying their vacation on Lake Michigan. The couple spent their vacation with their 4 kids. They were all beat and shot in a crime scene that’s only discovered by the neighbors after noticing a horrible smell that came out of the cabin of the Robinsons. It was also believed that the bodies of the family had been there for almost a month before they’re discovered. The killers weren’t found, yet in year 2013, it was believed that their identity had been discovered. In spite of such claims, there were no charges that were filed for their deaths.

  • Richardson Family Murder

In Canada last 2006, a wife and a husband were found dead in their home with their son. The couple’s daughter, who is twelve years old, was missing and everybody assumed that she was abducted, but that’s not the case because the murder was actually done by the daughter with her boyfriend who is 23 years old and believed to be a werewolf. Before the murder, the two was engaged and they said her parents weren’t happy, which is also the reason why the murder happened.

  • Annie Le

It’s one of the most heart breaking crimes that you’ve ever heard. Annie Le was a medical student at Yale University with a promising career in the field of pharmacology. Aside from that, her wedding was just several days away when she was gone all of a sudden. The day she disappeared was a normal day and went to Yale to attend the class before she heads to the campus research lab. When nobody heard from her, it was discovered that the security cameras showed her entering the campus research lab, yet not exiting. After 5 days, which is the day of her wedding, her body was discovered hidden in the wall. Raymond Clark was the murderer and he never gave reasons for the murder.

  • McStay Family

The California couple with their 2 kids was reported missing. Their home looked like they decided to leave quickly and packed up, yet their family dogs were left behind. After 4 days of their disappearance, their car was towed from a particular lot in San Diego, which indicates they might have crossed the border of US and Mexico on foot. However, a year later, the remains of McStay family were found in the dessert. Police officers don’t know the reasons why they left their life and home all of a sudden.

  • Reality Show Killer

Before Rodney Alcala was thought to have killed and raped over 130 women, he was known as a bachelor and a contestant on a reality show called The Dating Game. His appearance on the reality show coincided with the murder spree, where he was selected as the bachelor who won the reality show.

Sneaky Cyber Crimes

The internet became the epicenter of the modern world, which is the catalyst in creating numerous businesses and job opportunities. Unfortunately, it has also become a place for less law-abiding members of the society. With internet, crime became cyber crimes and these are some of the sneaky ones:

  • Cyber Heat

A group of Russian hackers is said to have spent 2 years coordinating what’s now considered as the largest cyber attack of all times. With the use of their illegal malware, the group was able to infiltrate approximately 100 financial institutions and stole millions of pounds from the dotted of the bank around globe. Banks situated in the US, UK, and China were hit. The money was taken through impersonating the staff members online and funneling the money into several dummy accounts.

  • PlayStation Passwords

Given the different sensitive information they have, the gaming networks are a typical target for the cyber criminals. The most alarming of these happened in year 2011. After external breaches, no less than seventy-seven million accounts filled with names, passwords, as well as address were compromised. Sony, on the other hand, had left much of the details unencrypted of their customers exposed to pitfalls of cyber theft. Sony has also confirmed that credit card details from some users that were encrypted were at risk as well. The attack occurred between April 17-19, which forced the tech giant to switch off PlayStation Network and Qriocity, Sony’s music service. The outage has prevented any owner of PSP or PS3 from accessing content online, which last for twenty-three days.

  • Mafia Boy

In 2000, Mafia Boy or known as Michal Calce, a fifteen year old Canadian, was responsible to bring some of the largest websites to their knees. With the use of a ridiculed form of cyber attack, DDoS or distributed denial-of-service, he was able to disrupt the online powerhouses including Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and CNN. At present, DDoS attacks are basically dismissed from the world of cyber crime, which are seen to bet petty and amateurish. Back then, the exertions of Mafia Boy put internet security on the map and have showed the globe that any teenager might cause millions of damages with just several clicks on his mouse.

  • Nasdaq

Russians did this again with 4 of them joined by Mikhail Rytikov, a Ukrainian. Initially, they targeted big retailers like Carrefour SA and 7-Eleven Inc., yet the group headed for Nasdaq, a financial corporation. With the use of specially designed sniffer programs, the hackers can target the information of the credit card as this was processed between the companies.

  • CIA Bomb

Cyber crimes are not just for the bad guys. CIA is no stranger to committing some crimes using a keyboard. During Cold War in year 1982, the secret service of the US responded to several sneaky KGB theft without just a line of destructive codes. Referred to as the Logic Bomb, the program made an explosion, which is equivalent to 3 kilotons of TNT. The shells were replaced with soldiers, hackers, and codes.

Biggest Gun Busts

Gun bust operations are common around the world and these following are some of the known and biggest ones:

Biggest Gun Busts

  • Biggest Gun Bust for 2014-2015 in UK

British authorities seized 31 Czech-made automatic weapons after a raid in Rochester town, which is thirty miles east of London, in what is being categorized as the biggest gun bust in the history of the county. The perpetrators are convicted of smuggling twenty-two automatic rifles and nine machine pistols over English Channel from France in a boat together with ammunition, silencers, and magazines. The record breaking gun bust was described as chilling.

  • Biggest Gun Bust in New York City

19 people were arrested and a total of 254 guns were recovered in what Police Commissioner Ray Kelly described as the biggest gun bust in the history of New York City. He said that there’s no doubt that the seizure of such guns has saved lives. Because of this, it was not street stop yet buys made by an NYPD officer who’s undercover that led to 552count indictment for illegal sales that’s worth $160,000.

  • 241 Guns Seized (Ramona, California)

Narcotics agents confiscated 241 guns, more than 1 and a half pound of methamphetamine, plus some drugs in a ten-month investigation capped with twenty-three arrest in Ramona, La Mesa, and Carlsbad. The investigators of Ramona sheriff opened the case in the month of January and uncovered several people selling meth in Ramona. As the operation was unfolded, the deputies and agents of the drug organization served search warrants as well as made twenty-nine arrests on the case in the month of August and September.

Agents have also seized 240 guns while investigating Gordon who was one of the ones arrested in Ramona on the 7th of August. The stolen pistol was seized and this is with 3.5g of met on the 9th of September when 2 warrants were served in Ramona and 3 men as well as a woman was arrested. There was also another suspect that was arrested last September 18, 2014.

  • 195 Guns Seized (Saddle Brook, New Jersey)

John L. Molinelli, Bergen County Prosecutor, announced that the Grand Jury sitting in the Hackensack handed up 10 count indictment against Lintner of Saddle Brook, New Jersey because of the weapons seized from his own home between the 8th and 9th of August 2014.

The indictment is basically the result of investigations conducted by the members of Saddle Brook Police Department under Chief Robert J. Kugler’s direction. On the morning of 8th of August 2014, Saddle Brook police has responded to call Robert Lintner’s home. A subsequent search of residence was conducted, which revealed different firearms, ammunition magazines, ammunition, and gun powders. Among 195 guns seized, 5 of them were determined to be the assault firearms that are prohibited under the law of New Jersey.

There are other biggest gun busts in the world. Those are just some of the few from a long list of gun bust operations.

Biggest Drug Busts

Pablo Escobar, notorious drug trafficker, created a big empire only to have this dismantled before, during, and after his own death. Other than major offensives made against the drug empire of Escobar, what other huge drug busts have gone down in record books as some of the largest in the world?

Biggest Drug Busts

2.8 Tons of Different Drugs in Australia

Last November, the Australian authorities seized a total of 2.8 tons of different illegal drugs in one of the biggest drug bust operations of the country. The total estimated worth of the drugs is about $1.5M.

30 Tons of Cannabis in Tijuana

What started as a raid against the warehouse in Tijuana turned into discovering an elaborate underground tunnel that’s complete with light rail systems, thirty tons of cannabis and twenty million dollars later, the underground systems were dismantled.

21 Tons of Cocaine in California

Along California’s foothills, the police raided an unassuming warehouse. Inside they have discovered twenty-one tons of cocaine that’s worth $31B to the cartel of Rafael Munoz. It is also the biggest bust in the history of America.

105 Tons of Pot in Mexico

The biggest drug bust that occurred in Mexico last 2010 when the authorities encircled a number of the warehouses that’s associated with the Cowabungle, which is a primary pot cartel that’s used inconspicuous with the figure of Homer Simpson. The authorities of Mexican got pots worth of $425M on their hands.

14 Tons of Cocaine in Colombia

The name of Pablo Escobar is similar with drug trafficking, so of course, he has entered on this list. The international and Colombian authorities spent years trying to get at the stash of Escobar and they struck it big in year 1984 when DEA found fourteen tons of the cocaine of kingpin through a sophisticated tracking system. The drugs that were confiscated cost over $1B, which is a small fraction of the annual $25B operation of Escobar.

92 Tons of Opium in Afghanistan

Another biggest drug bust operation in Afghanistan includes confiscating 92 tons of Opium. The operation wasn’t simple and required the authorities to ask for airstrikes just to destroy the stash.

260 Tons of Hashish in Afghanistan

One of the biggest drug busts in the world happened in Afghanistan when the US troops and some allies seized over 260 tons of drugs worth $367M. The raid in 2008 exemplifies just how central drug trades are to the area, particularly during the previous years.

20 Tons of Cocaine in Panama

The US Coast Guard stumbled across twenty tons of cocaine sitting out in the open area near the cost of Panama in year 2007. In spite of pseudo-clever approach to hide drugs, the authorities found a total of $670M cache and destroyed everything.

1,059 lbs. of Heroin in San Francisco, California

It’s the biggest heroin bust and this occurred in 1991 in San Francisco. During the drug bust operation, authorities have recovered over 1,000 pounds of stuff between two and four million dollars.